Here you will be embraced in a spirit of openness, acceptance, genuineness and support.  I view my role and service as one of collaboration with you on your individual path of healing, transition and transformation.  Together we will surrender to life's unfolding and blossoming and find the truth that comes with trust.


With love, gratitude, humility and a prayer for abundant blessings, and graceful transitions,

Reverend Anthe

Generations ago individuals had the support of the collective as they navigated life's transitions.  There were teachers, healers, family networks and tribes that stood as participants and witnesses for each individual's process.  In turn our roles unfolded and revealed themselves in a more balanced, confident and harmonious way.  Our whole nature was witnessed and taken into account as we grew ourselves into full human beings.  Blossoming Heart Ministry is founded with the spirit of such service and seeks to stand in solidarity as a witness, guide, friend and sister with you as you journey into your full humanity with each transitioning phase.  

Namaste, Aho, Ashay

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