Portrait by Cara Brostrom.


Roots & Reflections

A personal, spiritual statement of sorts

In simple terms, I call myself a "Devotee of the Mother".  What does this mean to me?  I speak to the Universe as a very creative and feminine force.  "The Mother" refers to the Earth who births us, the Mother Life that supports and nourishes us, the cycle of support and mutual sustenance that enables all Creation to participate together.  The Mother feeds us, shelters us, sustains us, teaches us, empowers us, trusts us, shows us, and infinitely loves us.  In this paradigm there is no need for fear, and surrender can come with trust (...and a lot of practice!!)

I am a perennial student and see this process of Evolution as a multi-dimensional school.  I feel so blessed to participate in this Earth school with its great challenges and even greater Beauty and Blessings.

I subscribe to the view that all life and truth can be found within ourselves, and our "higher power" dwells here-- within.  At the same time I view the small "we" as expressions of an infinitely great life force and source, and in turn see our job as "simply" being a vehicle for this source.  We are allies of Life, and our job IS to protect and sustain and nourish this inner light that Life breathes through us and entrusts us to shine.  I see this as our calling.

Each one of us possesses a special Medicine, a healing gift that we give to others.  What we really need to do, and give each other permission to do, is to be ourselves.  Our true selves.  There is no special "task" or program (though our "selves" may subscribe to many programs and undergo many tasks) but in its simplest form, we are called simply to be who we are.  (And that is the challenge!)

I pray that every step is one taken in conscious surrender, honor, beauty, grace and courage.  And I pray that each honors the sacredness of the life within and without in its blazing beauty and abundance.


In joy, love and courage,

Rev. Anthe

a brief biography     

Anthe moved to Boston in 1984 as a rising third grader at the St. Theresa School in West Roxbury.  Before that that she lived in the former Rubber-Making-Capitol-of-the-World, Akron, Ohio from 4 months old where she was raised by her paternal grandparents.  She was born in Muncie, Indiana (famous for the "Ball" company who makes Ball jars which are now quite fashionable in this neck of the woods).  Anthe's mother died of cancer when she was two, and her grandmother (who raised her) succumbed to the same when she was eight.  These early losses made her a perfect candidate to contemplate the deeper questions of the Universe, existence, life and death, the Infinite Mother, Spirit, Truth, Courage and adaptability.  Those early years spent in deep Listening, reflecting, playing, mourning, praying, feeling and dreaming laid an intimate foundation for her more formal spiritual pursuits later in life.

Anthe is now an non-denominational Ordained Minister through the Center for Sacred Studies Ministry Training Program.  She is the founder of Akasha Studio and Akasha Yoga School.  Anthe is a Reiki Master/Teacher and an E-RYT.  Anthe has taken Buddhist vows and undergone Empowerments and Mangalam Yantra Yoga Training in the Vajrayana tradition of Tibetan Buddhism through the Sakya lineage.  Anthe was inspired to become a yoga teacher by Demetri Velisarius whom she met at Bally's Gym in Salem, MA at the turn of the century.  Anthe spent much of her childhood wanting to be a Witch when she grew up, and she finds that her present line of work suits her well.  She is grateful for the opportunity to serve, learn and grow in this capacity.  Anthe passed decades as an avid journal writer and plans to turn to more formal written work in the very near future (please check in with her about this!).  She has lived in the capitol cities of Boston, Athens, Santa Fe, Annapolis, and Austin (the latter three of which have smaller populations than their state's largest city).  She has studied and taught in Peru.  She plans to expand her global studies and teaching, and enjoys growing things on the borderline of "wild".

Anthe is a cardinal fire sign as an Aries, and she's a Fire Dragon who has a deeply personal relationship with the element of Water.

Anthe lives with her partner and three children above JP's Akasha Studio location.